What is it about ?

In more and more countries, hepatitis C drugs are finally available for all patients. In Switzerland, the much-needed treatment is not available to all patients due to an unspeakable rationing by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).
Money is saved on the backs of patients in need.

The association of public utility Swiss Hepatitis C Association (SHCA) fights this obstacle and wants to offer legal assistance to patients in need, until the abolition of the limitations and the accessibility for all to the drugs against hepatitis C also in Switzerland. Or at least until there is legal security.

To guaranty legal security

Probably some trials will have to be conducted up to the Swiss Federal Court. In addition, we are planning a complaint to the supervisory authority against the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA), the higher authority of the FOPH, which is ultimately responsible for this inhuman and illegal rationalization.

Therapy for all 

It is unworthy for Switzerland that people affected by hepatitis C are not receiving therapy for cost issues. The SHCA clearly and vehemently displays this view.
The rationalization enacted by the FOPH also contradicts the meaning and spirit of Article 117a of the Federal Constitution, which states: “Within the limits of their respective competences, the Confederation and the cantons shall ensure that everyone has access to adequate and quality basic medical care “.

Funding the legal path

As all good words have so far been without effect, the SHCA is forced to legally attack this untenable medication rationing. In order to be able to win against the legal resistance of financially powerful paying agents, the SHCA, supported solely by donations, must be able to hire the best lawyers.

It is for this reason that the SHCA opens this legal fund and insistently requests donations. The SHCA legal fund needs at least 20,000 Francs. The association will continually document its successes and the use of the means made available in a transparent way. Fight with us against this inhuman and incomprehensible situation in such a rich Switzerland.

Open your heart! Help us , support us! 

Support a good cause. Fight with us for sufficient and quality basic medical care! Support this legal fund with the amount you can offer!
No donation is too small, every franc counts!

More information

For further questions, Christophe Bösiger, member of the Association Steering Committee, is at your disposal:  or 077 468 22 49 (no text message please!) 

The Swiss Hepatitis C Association (SHCA) collects donations for patients who are denied treatment for cost issues. We advise, accompany and support financially to the best of our ability the patients during a legal conflict.

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CCP Postal Account :  61-664397- 8

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